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Posted on 15 Дек 201814

Bikers reunion - home

Bikers reunion - home
Dino Raptor will be Invading the Bikers Reunion. Let's hope he isn’t too hungry.

I am now raining our 5 yr old girl. Do you want a goofy rude person with no control? Do you want a prissy selfish materialistic person? I live near a college town and I see a lot of young “adult” people with these problems. But you can probably imagine what my opinion on that is…. I am a mother both and this article was exceptionally void of love and affection for the very children she has. Movers Satellite Ahmedabad I regularly visit your site and find a lot of interesting information.

I have a 9 year old boy and he can be a handful, but usually he’s the easy one to take care of. I was definately the exception to the rule for most girls since I was the only girl after five boys. Let’s just try to give them the best foundation for this that we can, regardless of sex. Don’t think any of it has anything to do with gender. And the more you have the worse it gets.

You people are sick perpetuating this shit […] first post I read was by author, Anne Sawan, ‘Moms of boys, you are my people. Girls aren’t smarter, they just do better in the structured environment of the auditory centered classroom. I have a girl and a boy and I noticed that in the late Disney movies (even Ghostbusters), girls are portrayed smart and practical and boys are so stupid and wild, why, this is not what I want for my kids. She stared, mouth hanging wide open and said, “Wow! I don’t think my girls would ever even think of doing something like that. I have boys and girls and my girls are so much wilder than my boy. Structured, planned, clean… One winter day when my boys were small I was on the computer booking a ski vacation for the family, when I suddenly thought to myself, “It’s too quiet. Yes we must have a different breed of Girls being raised at our house! We have three girls, and none of them are the sit still, quietly do their drawing types. Or that all boys grab themselves all the time. Kids are kids, regardless of gender and I’m fed up with the stereotypes. Lighten up and maybe one day you will be blessed to join the club! Actually, Della, the sibling and teacher of boys also has a son–so is in a unique position to weigh in.

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Wannabe's are Guest Authors to BLUNTmoms. They might be one-hit wonders, or share a variety of posts with us. They "may" share their names with you, or they might write as "anonymous" but either way, they are sharing their stories and their opinions on our site, and for that we are grateful.

I justed wanted to be one of the guys I grew up a tomboy and loved every minute of it. Unrecoverable Error in Multi-user or Network Environments and get the help from our technical experts anytime. OMG!! Lighten up! I am the mom of 2 awesome boys and I find the humor in the article. I really hope to view the same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. I even liked the terrible-twos! I just had a granddaughter and am head over heel in love with her and secretly hope that she’s a tom-boy like her grandma! LOL, blunt but true.

The girl who was the most “girlish” has a sister two years older. Expecting boys to be rough and stupid and girls to be quiet and intelligent is doing nothing but putting harmful expectations on the kids and adds to the anxiety of mothers whose children fall outside these ideas, who don’t themselves reflected in all these #momofboys stories. I had 3 of them that managed to outgrow some of their boyish ways and be adults…. Think about what kind of an adult you would like your kid to be. As an artist and allowing them to be as creative as possible, at 16 my youngest asked if he could borrow my acetylene torch.

Just like all behaviours – including farting in the car. I don’t own wedges or designer jeans, and more importantly, neither does my daughter. And for the husband that claimed 35 is the age the dumb stuff stops happening…someone’s pants are on fire! LOL I know he did it. But we spend so much time trying to make our boys into little girls, that we forget to let them be boys, and that being a boy is not only alright, it’s cool. I totally agree with you! Love my 3 (now adult) boys and found them no worse than girls. My son is opposite and I still loved this piece. As a 44 year old man, formerly a little boy, I can fully attest to a lifetime of doing or otherwise participating in…dumb stuff. Actually he is more organised than his older sister. Getting him to actually sit still was more rare than the Cubs winning the World Series! He’s 16 now and we’re on to new challenges. They learn early on never to say, “Not my kid!” Instead they are the ones rushing in, grabbing their child and saying,“It was you, wasn’t it!”” This is exactly how sexism and misogyny are incubated — by spreading all these ridiculous, untrue, gender stereotyping fallacies.

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