migraine imitrex doesn't work

Posted on 07 Мар 20189

Detoxing – Imitrex and OTC Medication ... - Migraine.com

Detoxing – Imitrex and OTC Medication ... - Migraine.com
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So allow me to become a bit more real herein: first of all , I was wondering if you ever experience that numbness, particularly in the back of the head or occipital region. Or a reflection glinting off something shiny or a smell or food…darn triggers. I know what I want to say but my tongue get’s frozen or has trouble sayings it. Just a bad feeling all over my body and Cant see shit!!!! 2. So I am going to give it a chance, because it said something about relaxing the muscles in the injection sites.

I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see a swollen eye with the white so blood shot. It does scare me though, because I am reminded how excruciating my episodes were. The weather has been so unstable I’m hearing about people around the US and in Michigan where I live getting migraines where they didn’t have them in the past, and those of us born with weather related headaches are getting more migraines. Their problems become our problems and they trigger migraines. I still have the dastardly regular old headache.

Nausea continues for about a day and I feel insecure and incompetent in my job. I of course have the “echo headache” & having a difficult time getting through the day @ work. People without migraine dont understand and are quick to dismiss the horrible disease. Migraine speck said a number of his migraine patients also had cochlear issues (which is the Meniere’s deal – it’s sometimes called cochlear hydrops). I usually do not have any kind of headache when i have the treatments so for me it is more of a preventative treatment than an acute treatment. I not only get migraines but have chronic daily headaches as well. For some reason those who use codeine seem to get significantly less out of treatment than those who use triptans, so that’s something to think about if you are going for Botox treatment. Next day in the shower the warm water stings my head and face and any warm water burns my fingers tips too. I mean Excedrin Migraine the main ingredient different from any other over the counter is the fact that it has caffeine in it. And just when I start enjoying few days of no pain I get hit again by another attack.

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Botox, or onabotulinumtoxinA, is an emerging and at times controversial treatment for migraine. Many patients have found relief through Botox treatment, although ...

If I were you, I would try at least one more round. I experienced my first migraine after age 50. I am walking on air, looking at the trees, smiling, breathing deeply, alive in a whole new way. I don’t take better care of myself, I will have many more headaches and become deeply depressed. When sitting the pressure in my head is awful.

Have already been to ER and my GP and both saying looks like another migraine to them. It could also be completely unrelated to her migraine attack. It is an absolutely debilitating feeling for sure! I feel like I can’t function, like I’m not really here and completely out of it. It’s so great knowing you’re not alone with the pain and side effects many of us go through. I am in the UK too, and go to the National Migraine Centre.

I am new to the world of migraine suffering. Thought I would share in case someone else stumbled through here looking for some help. Compounding my guilt was my pcp acting surprised when I told her botox didn’t work, and she said “all my other patients who have tried it had great results”. I felt guilty about this hangover period before reading this thread, now I don’t feel guilty anymore for taking a day off work or chores to recover. I would get disoriented, unable to process information normally and have a hard time communicating with people. I have only had one set of Botox shots, but feel that it has helped most of the bad spasms in my neck, trapezius and part of my head. Instead of the usual arch aura it was shaped like a triangle? Never seen that before? It’s probably the heat or hormones? Hate the heat. The Nuero said initially to take an imetrex, the minute you feel a headache coming on, every time. I’m really not sure how people have a real career with these damn things?! I’m so frustrated. One thing that stands out from the 10 hours of razor blades in my brain type agony and wailing out loud like a mad woman was Bruno Mars.

Migraine Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

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